Indigenous peoples

SSCC wishes to underpin its work on exchange of good practices within south-south dialogue with concrete projects which strengthen peace and reconciliation in countries in conflict or post conflict. The plight of indigenous peoples, often the most vulnerable victims of armed conflicts and of environmental destruction and loss of habitat, is of particular interest to SSCC. It has therefore established a Working Group on Indigenous and Tribal Issues under the coordinator Felipe Cabrera,an anthropologist and former official of the Ministry of Interior of Colombia. Other members of the nucleus of the working group are researchers from ICESI University in Cali.

Five projects are nearing completion and will be presented on this website shortly, ranging from Guaviare to Colombian Pacific.

At the same time, and in the spirit of south-south dialogue, the SSCC will be promoting dialogue between the Philippines, with some 110 indigenous groups and Colombia (and later extended to other Central and South American countries) being in mind that the Philippines is the only Asian country with Hispanic cultural tradition.