Consejo Asesor de Política

  • Sr. Heherson Alvarez

    Sr. Heherson Alvarez

    Anterior Senador y Ministro, Miembro de la Comisión de Cambio Climático de la Presidencia de Filipinas

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    Environmentalist * Human Rights Advocate

    "Among legislators,Senator Heherson Alvarez, the father of Land Reform Law, is one of the most principled."
    - Former Senate President Neptali Gonzales

    "He's among the few in our officialdom who have displayed competence, inteligence and integrity."
    - Napoleon Rama, Publisher/Editor, Manila Bulletin/Panorama

    "For Sonny Alvarez, the fight for justice, freedom and democracy, nationalism and human rights is a struggle that will never end."
    - Larry Henares, Write/TV Host

    One of the youngest Constitutional Convention delegates of 1971 who opposed the dictatorship and one of the few who refused to sign the Marcos-dictated Constitution.

    Evaded a "Shoot-to-Kill" order, went on exile and founded the opposition movement that cut military and economic aid to the dictatorship. The Wall Street Journal called this movement, the Ninoy Aquino Movement (NAM), the biggest and most organized opposition movement in the US.

    His brother was tortured and killed, which caused the death of his father.

    "The brother of a leading Marcos critic, Heherson Alvarez, was picked up... and later found, mangled beyond recognition, bearing the marks of a diabolical torture... a most heinous crime (perpetrated) under Martial Law." - Jaime Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, Philippines

    Founder and President of NAM, directed the search and expose of the hidden Marcos wealth in the U.S. which was serialized by, and later won the Pulitzer Prize, for the San Jose Mercury News, California.

    OUTSTANDING Human Rights Award, Fund for Free Expression, New York

    SENATOR, 12 years (Two terms non-extendible)
    Consistently awarded Outstanding Senator by the different media and civic groups, 1987-1998

    » Commissioner, Climate Change Commission (present)

    » Commissioner and Vice Chairperson, Climate Change Commission (2010-2011)

    » Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change (2009-2010)

    » Member, Board of Directors, Philippine Mining Development Corporation (PMDC) (2008)

    » Chairman/CEO (Cabinet Rank), Philippine Mining Development Corporation (PMDC) (July 2007-May 2008)

    » Presidential Adviser on Agrarian Reform (2005 - 2007)

    » Presidential Adviser on Overseas Filipino Communities (2003)

    » Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (2001 - 2002)

    » Member, Congress of the Philippines (1998-2001)

    » Ambassador, Extraordinary Plenipotentiary (1986)

    » Secretary, Department of Agrarian Reform (1986-1987)

    » National Spokesperson, Lakas-CMD (Leading Political Party)

    » Awarded:
    › International Public Policy Achievement Award,
    Climate Institute, Washington, D.C., September 1996, First Asian Recipient
    › Ten Most Outstanding Leaders of the North, Tawid Awards
    › EDSA People Power Freedom Award, People Power Commission
    › Likas Yaman Special Citation, Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources.
    › Most Outstanding Senate Lawmaker in Environmental Protection,
    UP Institute for Strategic Development Studies.
    › Gawad Sagisag Quezon, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, 2008
    › Outstanding Alumnus Award, University of the Philippines
    › Alphan Excellence Award, Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity Chancery, UP (2007)
    › Golden Oblation Award, UP
    › Gusi Peace Prize for Public Service, 2007
    › Shining World Leadership Award, The Supreme Master Ching Hai
    International Association, 2007
    › Outstanding Human Rights Award by the Fund for Free Expression,
    New York, USA

    » Named as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Delegates, 1971 Constitutional Convention

    » M.A. Public Administration, Harvard University, USA

    » Degree of Juris Doctor, Honoris Causa, Stratford International University, School of Engineering and Environmental Management, Wyoming USA

    » Ph. D., Honoris Causa, Environmental Science

    » Studied Liberal Arts and Law, University of the Philippines

    » Environmentalist, Leading voice on the environment in the country, led legislative initiatives on major laws on environmental protection.

    › Author, Clean Air Act of 1999, National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act, Solid Waste Management Act, Northern Sierra Madre Protected Area Act, Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan.

    › Initiator, Healthy Air Pact of 1993 that drastically reduced lead and introduced unleaded gasoline in the Philippines.

    » Founding Chairman, Earthsavers Movement.

    » Panelist, International Conference on Defense of the Oceans

    » Member, Asian Parliamentarians' Conference on Envirionment and Development (APCED)

    » Chairman, Advisory Board, Manila Baywatch

    » Convening Chairman, 1996 Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Seas (ACOPS) Ministerial Meeting; 1995 First Asia-Pacific Leaders' Conference on Climate Change (ASPAC-LCCC)

    » Author, Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL); Cooperative Development Authority (CDA); Law creating the Deparment of Energy; Law creating the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)

  • Sra. Ivonne A Baki

    Sra. Ivonne A Baki

    Ex Ministra de Comercio Exterior Industrialización, Integración, Pesquerías y Competitividad, Ecuador, Ex presidente del Parlamento Andino, Ex Secretaria de Estado para la Iniciativa Nacional Yasuni ITT

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    Ecuadorian artist, painter, caring international environmentalist, diplomat, peace negotiator, humanist and politician of Lebanese Descent, Dr. Ivonne A-Baki is former Ambassador, Minister and Secretary of State.

    Baki served as an international affairs adviser to the President of Ecuador, a goodwill ambassador for UNESCO for the Dialogue of Civilizations, representing Ecuador in the Andean Parliament. She is also a member of several social organizations and has received numerous awards for her work and advocacy.

    In 2009, She led the Yasuní-ITT Initiative, in cooperation with the UNDP, as a first attempt to a new form of conservation, to protect one of the most biodiverse areas in the world in the Amazon from oil drilling, deforestation, and the release of devastating amounts of CO2. In 2006 she was elected to the Andean Parliament, and in 2007 she was elected President of the Andean Parliament by a unanimous vote. From 2003 to 2006, she served as Minister of Foreign Trade, Industry, Regional Integration, Fisheries, and Competitiveness in Ecuador.

    In 2002, A-Baki ran for Presidency of Ecuador on a social justice platform focused on education and sustainable development. She was the first Ecuadorian lady to be appointed Ambassador to the United States, a position she held between 1998 and 2002, as a reward to her role as Advisor to the Ecuadorian President Jamil Mahuad during peace negotiations with Peru in late 1998.

    Her art led to initiatives that helped to end the Cenepa War between Peru and Ecuador.

    The exhibition “Art brought them together”, including famous artists from both countries, led to the start of peace negotiations in 1995 that ended in 1998 by the signature of the peace agreement between Peru and Ecuador. A-Baki graduated from Harvard University with a Masters degree in public administration, public policy and negotiation. She joined the Board of Directors of the Conflict Management Group, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting peace. She co-founded the Galapagos Conservancy Foundation to protect the archipelago of volcanic islands west of Ecuador. Her paintings have been displayed in the Americas, Europe and Middle East.

    A-Baki was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, of Lebanese parents, and lived in Lebanon for more than 18 years in the 1970s and ‘80s with

  • Sra. Nancy Bakir

    Sra. Nancy Bakir

    Alta Comisionada para la Sociedad Civil Árabe de la Liga de los Estados Árabes, y fue ministra de Cultura y Ministro de Reforma del Sector Público del Gobierno de Jordania, Vicesecretaria General de la Liga de Estados Árabes.

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    Work Experience

    1- Current Position:
    - High Commissioner for Arab Civil Society at the League of Arab States , Jan 2010

    2- Pervious Position
    Minister of Public Sector Reform Feb. 25,2009 - Dec. 14, 2009 (Cabinet of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

    3- Minister of Culture, Nov. 2007 - Feb. 2009
    (Cabinet of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

    4- Assistant Secretary General at the League of Arab States for Social Sector 2004-2007 as well as Acting Secretary General
    Assistance for Economic Sector during 2006.

    5- Advisor to the Prime Minister of Jordan for Human Rights 1999-2004 that also included:

    - A member of the National Council for Human Rights.
    - A member of Educational Council,
    - A member of Radio and Television Board,
    - General Coordinator for the Second Summit of Arab First Ladies 2002
    - General Coordinator of Amman Cultural Capital of the Arab World 2002

    6- Secretary General of the Ministry of Administrative Development 1997- 1999

    7- Acting Secretary General for the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST)/ Assistant Secretary General for HCST 1992-1997

    8- Other Institutions:

    Ministry of Higher Education, Council of Higher Education, Ministry of Planning, Civil Service Society.


    - Fulbright program /Boston University in Managerial and Educational development.
    - Masters degree in Philological Sciences /Former Soviet Union
    - Masters in Peace and Diplomacy
    - Participated in various workshops, forums, conferences, Summits in political, social, Economic, Peace &Development, Environmental, Women, Youth, Religion fields…etc

    In Brief; 36 years of work at the level of Policy formulation & Strategical planning , Reaserch& Development as well as Consultations.
  • Lic. Vinicio Cerezo

    Lic. Vinicio Cerezo

    Ex-Presidente de Guatemala, Presidente de la Fundación Esquipulas para la Integración Económica y Social para América Central

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    Perfil del Presidente Vinicio Cerezo

    Su liderazgo y congruencia a lo largo de su vida, le han valido ser llamado por muchos el Embajador de Centroamérica. Vinicio Cerezo, es abogado y master en Administración Pública y Liderazgo Democrático. Inició su carrera política en la universidad, luego de luchar por más de 20 años por instaurar la democracia en Guatemala y de sobrevivir a tres atentados en contra de su vida, fue Presidente de Guatemala de 1986 a 1991. Fue el primer civil democráticamente electo, después de 30 años de gobiernos autoritarios, fraudulentos y represivos.

    Su administración logró instaurar la democracia y la institucionalidad aún vigente en Guatemala, contribuyendo a una considerable modernización del país. Logró reactivar la economía; con una visión futurista estableció todo el sistema de áreas protegidas, en un esquema de desarrollo sostenible, también es creador de la reserva de la biósfera maya. Propició el reconocimiento e inclusión de los pueblos originarios en el país.

    Los cambios y transformaciones, en pro del bien común, que su gobierno impulsó provocaron la oposición de diversos grupos empresariales y militares que se involucraron en intentos de golpe de Estado, el gobierno resistió. Es creador, promotor y uno de los firmantes de los Acuerdos de Paz en Centroamérica, Esquipulas I y II. Los cuales permitieron alcanzar la paz en la región, la institucionalización democrática y el impulso político reciente a la integración regional en Centroamérica.

    Actualmente sigue contribuyendo con toda Latinoamérica a través de la Fundación Esquipulas para la Integración Centroamericana, es miembro fundador de la Misión Presidencial Latinoamericana, forma parte de diversos círculos de pensamiento y espacios consultivos de organizaciones globales. Enfoca su energía, conocimiento y experiencia en pro de la región, la Paz, la Democracia y la Integración como mecanismos para el desarrollo económico y social con equidad

  • Sra. Ela Gandhi

    Sra. Ela Gandhi

    Hon Executive Trustee of the Gandhi Development Trust (GDT), Trustee and Hon Secretary of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust, Trustee and Hon Treasurer of Phoenix Settlement Trust, Co - President of World Conference on Religions for Peace international

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    A Curriculum Vitae

    Born at the Phoenix Settlement in Inanda, a rural village in South Africa, now much more developed;   Primary schooling at the Inanda state Aided Primary School and secondary at the Durban Indian Girls High school. 




    B.A. and Post graduate diploma in Adult Education  (Natal University) 

    B.A.(Soc.Sc.) Honours (University of South Africa.) 

    Honorary Doctorates:

    1. Awarded from Durban University of Technology,
    2. The Kwa Zulu Natal University and 
    3. Shridhar University of Pilani, Rajasthan,  India. 
    4. Lincoln University in UK



    5 children, One son was assassinated on 16th December 1993 at age of 29. 

    2 grandchildren.

    Marital status: 



    Work History:


    Social worker  from 1965- 1970 at Durban Indian Child Welfare Society and 1979 to 1989 at the Verulam Child Welfare Society.  My contribution to the profession was to look at a holistic non-racial approach to social work.  I have been working on a manuscript on this which has not as yet been published. 

    Education Information coordinator from 1989-1993 looking at careers and the reality of unemployment, of choice of subjects at school level to be able to gain entry into careers of choice.  Set up a resource Centre for students to be able to obtain information.   

    Served on Codesa (Congress for a Democratic South Africa)  one and two and negotiations forum and then the Transitional Executive Council before joining the S.A. Parliament.  Oversaw process to the first democratic elections in South Africa.   

    ANC Member of S.A. Parliament, National Assembly from 1994- 2003 and Served as a member of the following portfolio committees: -


    Public Enterprises,

    Joint Monitoring Committee on the status of Youth Children and Disabled,

    Social Development, 

    Arts Culture Science and Technology,

    Education, and

    Ad Hoc Committee on Surrogate Motherhood 

    Resigned in 2003

    Presently serves in an honorary capacity as:


    1. Hon Executive Trustee of the Gandhi Development Trust (GDT)
    2. Trustee and Hon Secretary of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust
    3. Trustee and Hon Treasurer of Phoenix Settlement Trust 
    4. Co- President of World Conference on Religions for Peace international
    5. Member of executive of WCRP South Africa
    6. Member of the Inter religious Council of Durban
    7. Member of the African National Congress Veterans League
    8. Member of the Board  of the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital
    9. Member of the Board of Community Outreach Centre St. Mary’s
    10. Patron of the Global Homeopathic Foundation
    11. Founder and Board member International Centre Of Nonviolence (ICON)
    12. Patron -Hurley Centre

    Previous positions:

    1.  Editor and Chairperson of the Board of management of a monthly publication Satyagraha- ended in 2014 when the newspaper closed and the organization merged with GDT
    2. Chancellor Durban University of Technology 2007-2012 
    3. Member of ANC’s Commission on Religious Affairs
    4. Member of a provincial statutory heritage Board-AMAFA 


    Political incarceration:


    Served with banning and house arrest orders from August 1973  to April 1982 

    Literary work:

    1. Mohandas Gandhi as part of a series called They Fought For Freedom-published by Maskew Millar Longmans. 
    2. In the same series  co-authored a book on Chris Hani. 
    3. Wrote a book titled –Essential Values of Mahatma Gandhi
    4. Wrote a book entitled-Gandhiji’s Encounter With The Fourth Estate.     
    5. Presented numerous lectures at local and international conferences -paper on Gandhiji’s Vision of Peace at the World Conference on Religion for Peace, South Africa- the 9th Tutu Peace Lecture was published;
    6. Two articles on Social Work were also published in the British Journal- Social Work Today.
    7. Articles on Sustainable Development- A Gandhian Perspective was published in Resurgence-A Magazine published overseas and recently other journals have also re-published the article. 
    8. Wrote  forwards  to various books including Kallenbach published by the Durban History Museum and  Peace-The Lives of Nobel Laureates by Prof. Scott Hunt
    9. Worked on a series of 22 Posters depicting the History of  the Development of the non violent struggle in South Africa by Mahatma Gandhi.
    10. Put together a display on 9 posters of the development of the Indian Opinion-!903-1914.
    11. Put together a display of 3 posters on Resistance media in South Africa-the beginning of a collection. 
    12. Put together a display on the Inanda unrest –a history of the area from 1983-1985
    13. Compiled an exhibition on Kasturba Gandhi and the struggle of women. 

    F.  Workshops:

    1. Organized and coordinated workshop on Gandhian Perspective of Non violence at the Parliament of World Religions.
    2. At the same conference ran a workshop on Restorative Justice-a Gandhian Perspective.
    3. Presented a paper on the non violent struggle in South Africa at the Parliament of World Religions. 
    4. Ran a course on Non violence and sustainable development a Gandhian Perspective at the Training school of Bija Vidiapeeth- run by Dr Vandana Shiva in India. 
    5. Put together an exhibition, a video and a little booklet with quotations on sustainable development-a Gandhian Perspective relating it to South African context.
    6. Presented a lecture on the concept of and the need for an international non violent peace force, at an inaugural conference held in India to form the Nonviolent Peace force. 


    Recipient of several  awards from community organizations and governments  local and international

    A Bookchat Award in 1994 as one of Jay Heal’s “1994 South African Books of the Year” in Bookchat magazine.

    Community of Christ  Award in 2001 from Independent Missouri  

    The Paul Harris Award by the Durban North Rotary Club

    The Padma Bhushan Award by the President of India

    The Phoenix Child Welfare Society award for community service

    The Phoenix Community Centre award for community service

    The Domestic Violence Help Line  award for services

    The Living Legends Award from the Kwa Zulu Natal Province

    The Amadelakufa Award 2014

    Various schools and other community organizations award for services.



  • Su Excelencia Sheikha Dra. Hissah Saad Abdullah Al- Salem Al- Sabah

    Su Excelencia Sheikha Dra. Hissah Saad Abdullah Al- Salem Al- Sabah

    La Familia Real de Kuwait

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    BIO – DATA


    HER Excellency – SHEIKHA



    BIO – DATA


    H.E. SHEIKHA Dr.


    Daughter of the late 14th Amir of Kuwait

    ô  BA in Public administration and Political Science – American University – Beirut – Lebanon.

    ô  Languages: Arabic is mother tongue

    •  English – French    Fluent

    ô  Head of the Human affairs International Marine Petroleum Company.

    ô  Head of Department of Medical Services – Research and Development. Military Hospital – Ministry of Defense.

    ô  Board Director – asas international company holding co. (K.S.C)

    ô  Chairman – Jana Egypt international for real state development co. (E.S.C)

    ô  Chairperson of Narcotics Control Committee – Kuwait Volunteers Women Society – for Community Service - since 1995 and until now.

    ô  Deputy Chairperson of "Kuwait Narcotics Control Committee – March/1997 and until now.

    ô  Honorary Chairperson Arab Federation of Non-Govt. Societies for Addiction Prevention.nov./1996 until now.

    ô  Member of National Committee for Narcotics Control-1996 until now.

    ô  Member of Sarajevo Charitable Society.

    ô  Member of "International Council of Alcohol and Addiction" – 1999 until 2006.

    ô  Chairperson of "Kuwait Businesswomen Committee" -1999 until now.

    ô  Deputy Chairperson of "Woman Affairs Committee"-April' 2003 until now.

    ô  Chairperson of "Council of Arab Businesswomen" for the first round -1999 to 2002.

    ô  Chairperson of "Council of Arab Businesswomen" for the second round -2002 to 2006.

    ô  Chairperson of "Council of Arab Businesswomen" for the third round -2006 to 2010.

    ô  Chairperson of "Council of Arab Businesswomen" for the fourth round -2010-2014.

    ô  Chairperson of "Council of Arab Businesswomen" for the Fifth  round – 2014 - 2018

    ô  Chairperson of Kuwait Delegation to "Woman & Politics Conference" in Tunisian Republic – May' 2001.

    ô  Adviser to the Defense Minister's Office – State of Kuwait – May' 2001 until Sept.' 2003.

    ô  Chairperson " Kuwait Delegation " to "The Second Arab   Women Summit Conference" held in Hashemite Kingdom         of Jordan", Nov.' 2002 .

    ô  Chairperson "Kuwait Delegation" to "The Women & Armed Conflicts Conference" held in Lebanese Republic. - March' 2004.

    ô  Chairperson for The Arab & African Businesswomen Union 2013

    She was honored many times by:

    ô  UN Representative in " Regional Office for Narcotics Control &  Crime Prevention of North Africa and Middle East" honored as First Lady due to her hard works in this field in March ' 2002.

    ô  Selected as "The Best Businesswoman " in Middle East area' in U.A.E. March/ 2002 in M.E. Distinguished Woman Conference "

    ô  "Arab Federation of Non –Govt. Societies for Addiction Prevention" for her efforts in this field – 2002.

    ô  This is further to her efforts in establishment of "Arab Businesswomen Council" under patronage of Arab League in Sept. 1999.

    ô  Awarded From Global Leadership Awards for her efforts in Women & Community development Sector – Malaysia 2012

    ô  Awarded from Gusi Peace organization – for her effort to empowerment women in Middle East Philippine 2012

    ô  Elected as A Goodwill Ambassador for the FCEM organization for the Gulf area 2013.

    ô  South West Asia Coordinator for the International Business & Profession Women  Association Sep. 2014

    ô  Elected as first Economic Activist from UNIDO "United Nation for Industrial Development Organization" March 2015

    ôElected as an Arab Women achievements for 2015 from Arab Association for Achievements 

  • Dr. José Ramos Horta

    Dr. José Ramos Horta

    Expresidente de Timor Leste (2007 - 2012) y Premio Nobel de la Paz (1996)."

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    Before serving his country as President, Dr. José Ramos-Horta was known internationally as a peacemaker. In exile from his country for the better part of three decades, he had been the international voice of the Timorese people while they fought for survival against one of the most brutal regimes of our time.

    From 1975 to 1999 Timor-Leste, (formerly known as East Timor), a small island and former Portuguese colony at the bottom of the Indonesian archipelago, was invaded and occupied by Indonesia. Over the course of the 24 year invasion, one third of the Timorese population perished.

    In exile for the entire occupation, José Ramos-Horta worked to build a human rights network to defend the rights of the Timorese — walking the halls of the UN, addressing the security council, and working tirelessly to ensure his people were not forgotten while they suffered.

    In 1996, José Ramos-Horta and Timorese Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for their work toward a just and peaceful solution to the conflict in East Timor.”

    In 1999 the United Nations sponsored a referendum, allowing the Timorese people to vote between independence, and remaining a part of Indonesia. The country voted overwhelmingly for independence.

    But the story was not over. When the referendum results came in, pro-Indonesia militia who had been put in place across the countryside were unleashed, virtually burning the country to the ground. 85% of the buildings in Timor were set aflame. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced – at gunpoint – to West Timor and other parts of Indonesia. An unknown number, including foreign journalists, and men, women and children taking refuge in Churches, were massacred.

    The rampage was halted by the arrival of a UN peacekeeping force on September 20, 1999. The UN then established an interim government to administer the country and prepare the country for the transition to democracy.

    José Ramos-Horta returned from exile on December 1, 1999. Throngs of Timorese crowded the airport and streets to greet him and celebrate his arrival home. Assuming the post of Senior Minister in the new government, he quickly began work to help build a new democratic government in his country, becoming one of the chief architects of the new country’s government.

    In 2006, the island of Timor-Leste, still getting on its feet as a young democracy, exploded in new violence, when a group of more than 500 split from the army. Amid burning buildings and gangs rampaging in the streets, the Prime Minister was forced to step down.

    José Ramos-Horta, at the time Timor-Leste’s Foreign Minister and Senior Minister, was asked to step into the vacant Prime Minister post. At the time the LA Times called him the young democracy’s “last hope”.

    The hope was well placed.

    Steadily, once Ramos-Horta took office, peace began to return to Timor-Leste. The camps of the internally displaced emptied as people returned to their neighborhoods and began rebuilding.

    In May 2007 Ramos-Horta was elected President of Timor-Leste. Assuming the helm of one of the poorest nations in Asia, and a country devastated by conflict, his promise was to serve as the “President of the Poor”. He promised to remain dedicated to eradicating poverty in his country through improved public health and education, and by providing an environment where business can thrive.

    In 2008 President Ramos-Horta survived an assassination attempt by members of the renegade military group. While the country prayed for his survival, the remaining members of the renegade group surrendered and turned in their arms.

    On the President’s return to office, the country entered a new phase, a phase of putting conflict behind them, and building a new country.

    In the years since, working with fellow Timorese hero Xanana Gusmao, and with an unfaltering love for and faith in the Timorese people, Ramos-Horta has seen many of his dreams for the Timorese people start to come to fruition, both in the city and countryside.

    While serving as President and the international voice of the young government, he personally created peace initiatives ranging from a world class mountain bike “race for peace” to opening his office for youth from neighboring areas to come and peacefully resolve conflicts. His anti-poverty initiatives, including building homes for the neediest, lifted tens of thousands out of extreme poverty. His leadership and expertise have walked Timor-Leste toward a new era of peace, reconciliation and economic growth.

    Today Timor-Leste is enjoying a well earned peace. With double digit growth for three years, the Timorese economy is today one of the strongest in Asia. Unemployment has plummeted, while the country is on track for 100% literacy by 2015. Youth have even been seen, working under Ramos-Horta’s “Dili City of Peace ” program, rebuilding homes they torched in 2006.

    The government’s new motto, “Goodbye Conflict, Welcome Development”, is evident around the island.

    José Ramos-Horta’s work in taking his country from devastating conflict to peace and economic growth in just over a decade serves as a model for building democracy in the twenty first century.

    Now free to move back onto the international stage, in 2012 he accepted an appointment from the UN Secretary General as Special Representative of the Secretary General to the African nation of Guinea Bissau.

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  • Dr. Serik N. Nugerbekov

    Dr. Serik N. Nugerbekov

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    Mr. Serik Nugerbekov holds a degree in Economics from the Karaganda Cooperative Institute, graduating in 1984 and Ph.D in Economics from Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International trade.

    On September  2015 by the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was appointed as a Member of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Control over Execution of the Republican Budget

    2012-2015 - Senate deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhsta

    2009-2012 - By the order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan appointed as Head of Social and Economic Monitoring Department of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    2007-2009 – President of the Economic Research Institute JSC under the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    2005 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yesnur and Co LLP.

    2002-2005, Head of the Financial Regulation Department, Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    2000-2002 – Head of the Financial Directorate of the Karaganda Region.

    1998-2000 - Deputy Director of the Astana Branch Office of Mir (World) Interstate Television and Radio Company.

    1991-1998 - Manager at AltynEmel, JSC, Director of Ugol-Export company at the Kazpromexport Republican Export Enterprise and Vice-President of the Kazybek State Export Corporation, Almaty city.

    1986-1991 - Head of the Karaganda city TransAgency and instructor of the District Trade Union Committee of the Karkaralinsk Agro-Industrial Trade Union Committee.

    1984 - Economist at the Karkaralinsk Public Catering Company

    Public and Political activity:

    ·  “Nur Otan” party member

    ·  Vice-President of the International Union of Economists (General Adviser of the United Nations)

    ·  Chief Editor of the "Eurasian Economic Review"  magazine

    ·  Chief Editor of  "Economics. Finance. Research " magazine

    Academic degrees and titles

    ·  Doctor of Economics

    ·  Academician of Kazakhstan National Academy of Natural Sciences

    ·  Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

    ·  Member of the International Academy of Management

    ·  Honorable Professor of the Ural State Economic University (Russian Federation)

    ·  Honorable  Professor of the Institute of Economics and Management (Estonia)

    Awards and honors

    ·  State medal "For outstanding work performance"

    ·  Winner of Russian contest "Manager of the Year - 2008"


    Published 51 scientific papers and three monographs

    Personal details

    Was born in September 8, 1962 in Karkaralinsk, Karaganda Region, Republic of Kazakhstan, married with two children.

  • Sr. Owen Arthur

    Sr. Owen Arthur

    Ex primer ministro de Barbados (1994/2008)
  • Sr. Fernando Pena

    Sr. Fernando Pena

    President, MOF (Subic) Inc., Deputy Executive Director, Centrist Asia Pacific Democrats International (CDI)
  • Sra. Hedva Ser

    Sra. Hedva Ser

    Artista de UNESCO por la Paz

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    Hedva Ser’s body of internationally recognized work includes tapestries, watercolors, and jewelry, but she is best known for her powerful sculptures. Hedva’s monumental bronzes have become symbols of peace, symbols of tolerance, and symbols of intercultural outreach around the world. Hedva Ser is one of Europe’s pioneers using art in the goal of creating social progress. Over the years, her work has provided focus and physical connection to her efforts to build peace through art.

    The French government honored Hedva Ser for her work with the prestigious Legion d’Honneur and the Officier des Arts et des Lettres. In 2011, UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, similarly honored Hedva Ser, naming her a UNESCO Artist for Peace.
    As a part of her work with UNESCO, Hedva leads the Organization’s annual “Art Camp,” which brings together artists from regions in conflict, to devote themselves to a common project, developing personal relationships, and building the foundations for peace.
    Hedva Ser’s iconic sculpture, the “Tree of Peace,” has been installed in several universities around the world, most recently at Harvard University in Massachusetts, as well as at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Al Quds University in Ramallah, and at other schools in Europe and the U.S. A "Tree of Peace" was recently "planted" at the Presidential Sculpture gardens in Valletta, Malta, commemorating Malta's role as host of the summit ending the Cold War.
    The “Tree of Peace” has been informally adopted as UNESCO’s new symbol of peace, and has been given to His Holiness Pope Francis, Nobel laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, China’s President and First Lady, jazz great and UNESCO Ambassador for Peace, Herbie Hancock, and many others.
    Hedva’s sculptural group, “Destruction and Rebirth,” on the theme of the Holocaust, was recently exhibited at Krakow’s Galicia Jewish Museum in Poland, and will soon be installed permanently in the city. The powerful and compelling quartet of monumental works calls for viewers to touch the bronzes, physically transmitting the stories of Hedva’s own family and Eastern Europe’s Jewish communities during the Holocaust. She is currently developing a program to use the sculptures to help teach about the Holocaust in connection with UNESCO’s worldwide mandate to educate about Holocaust Remembrance.
    Hedva speaks through her art with an eloquence that has placed her among the rare artists that has successfully brought people together to reflect and discuss some of the most difficult issues of our times, and continues to use her art to transmit the message of peace and tolerance to new generations.

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